Jane Adams


What can be more gratifying than a fragrant sun-ripened peach, its sticky juice running down your chin, or a roast chicken that tastes just like the one Nana cooked? I guess it’s that quest for wholesome old-fashioned values, seeking to nurture through abundance and fresh seasonal food, that spurred my passion for farmers’ markets. There’s deep satisfaction in the sight of a child with a face smeared with berry yoghurt, choosing their own vegetables on market morning – visible evidence of powerful social impacts.

Jane Adams

Jane is the catalyst behind many of the 150-plus farmers’ markets operating in Australia. The paddock-to-plate concept is simple - you shop directly from the people who grow, fatten, catch or artisan value-add the food you buy. It is a direct transaction that sustains and celebrates farming families and emerging food businesses. The markets Jane helped develop work at both ends of the spectrum - they create a vibrant community spirit, offering a face and a sense of place to the produce you buy, and the farmers and business owners have a new, sustainable, profitable and convivial direct sales platform, adding to the economic and social welfare of the communities involved. 


Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location: Eveleigh Markets, Darlington, Sydney

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