Ruchika Sahai


Every child is born with the ability and desire to do good. I wanted to create a product, a company, and a brand that instilled my sincere belief that it’s never too early to cultivate the will to make a difference in our children.

Ruchika Sahai

Sitting pregnant on the balcony one night with her husband, Ruchika was contemplating how they could instill the values and ideals that they held dear and the concept of making a difference into their children. Ruchika decided that she wanted to create a company based on the principal of reciprocity. She created Booda Brand on the premise of “One for You, One for Humanity.”  For every single Booda Brand product purchased, a book would be gifted to a child in need through the incredible organization Room to Read. The company makes organic newborn and baby clothes, each emblazoned with the words “I will make a difference,” and packaged in a gift box resembling a book. Last year, Oprah took notice and put the Booda Brand tees on the “O List”  in her magazine and on her website.

Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location: Sydney

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