Ronni Kahn


What we do simply makes sense - collecting good food which would otherwise end up in landfill and making sure this food reaches people who need it - what’s not to love about it?!!!

Ronni Kahn

Ronni set out to make a difference in this world - to create an organisation with sound business ethics that would positively impact society. Her previous experience in the hospitality industry led her to question where all the excess food went that was the natural fallout in the food and beverage industry. When she saw that no organisation in Australia was collecting perfectly edible excess food and delivering it to people in need on a regular and professional basis, she created OzHarvest, which does just that. Today, OzHarvest delivers over 10,000 meals a day from more than 900 food donors throughout Australia, freeing up valuable resources for charities to spend on education and rehabilitative programs. Over nine million meals have been rescued and redistributed since Ronni began her quest in 2004.

Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location: Sydney

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