Jo Davison


 The greatest pleasures in life are best shared....and running is one of mine. If I can also raise funds for charities that make a difference in the lives of children at risk.....then every step run is all the more worthwhile.

Jo Davison

Jo prods and pushes, cajoles and cares. What started out simply as a couple of women getting together for an early morning run, has evolved into a sizeable and social fund-raising/running group, made possible through Jo’s dedication and determination. The women benefit from running farther and faster than they ever have because of her efforts. And the payback for Jo comes in the funds raised for charities through the group......thousands of dollars making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.

Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location: Coogee Beach, Sydney
Trish Lowe
23/7/2011 07:59:21 pm

Great photo Jo. You should be very proud of the impact you have had on our running group. You give everyone a reason to get up in the morning and have fun keeping fit. Love, Trish x

Michelle Lee
6/8/2011 11:14:01 pm

A great way to put the 'fun' in fundraising! Well done Jo, keep it up!

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