Pat Radinoff



The thought that you can’t be too thin or too rich, may be right but I never had the time to try it. Life has always offered challenges. Certainly one can never be too busy to learn something new, to embrace new people from other cultures, to awaken each day with something positive to explore, finding quality moments to enjoy family and share with loving friends. My wish is that all young people seek opportunities to open their hearts through travel to far and strange places.

Pat Radinoff

Pat has had many lives, but one thing is certain, nothing will slow her down. After a musical career in the fifties, scaling the heights of the fashion industry and media in the swinging sixties, the intrigue of international diplomacy, trade and travel in the seventies and eighties, much of it behind the Iron Curtain, a pioneer of the environmental movement and a charity fund raiser into the nineties, a screenwriter into the naughties and now? Still writing.  All of this while being a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Pat has proved that there is no age where retirement is an option or where class and style don’t have a place in our world.

Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location: Sydney

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