Laura Wellink



 I believe that every classroom teacher should gain an understanding of what it feels like to really struggle when learning something new. It is the only way we will be able to empathise with students and therefore be fully committed to making lessons as interactive, relative and informative as possible.

Laura Wellink

Fighting for her rights and the rights of others, Laura is using what some people may call her disability, and turning it around to try and help others. Laura’s neurosurgeon gave her parents little hope of her survival, and if she did survive, then little chance of being educated, due to the trauma inflicted on her brain from hydrocephalus. Laura has learned to manage her learning issues by focusing intensely on the subject at hand. She has become an advocate for other young patients suffering from the disease because of her ability to communicate what is going on inside her head. Laura is at university now studying to become an Early Childhood and Primary teacher, and has a specific interest in Learning Difficulties as she has genuine empathy and understanding of what children with learning difficulties face when presented with complicated tasks. During Practical Sessions, Laura has been able to identify learning difficulties in the classroom and implement different strategies that help a struggling student to succeed. Laura has faced people in her professional life who don’t believe she can teach because of her disability. Her outrage and dertermined fighting spirit has ensured her future in teaching and helping others.

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Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location: Castle Hill, NSW

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