Kerri-Ann Nattrass


 I basically love my job and want the kids to know that someone out there in this world gives a crap about them and wants to help them succeed throughout their tough adolescent years.

Kerri-Ann Nattrass

Making contact with homeless and at-risk young people on the streets to let them know someone cares is just part of what Kerri-Ann does to help break the cycle of crime, abuse and poverty for those who are entrenched in homelessness, prostitution and drug addiction. Kerri-Ann will keep an eye on where they are living, help them look for a job, help write their CV, guide them through their interview process, and drive them to and from work for the first week - no matter what the hour may be - to establish a routine and to install confidence within themselves. These simple steps help long term unemployed young people build skills, overcome fears, and broaden their perceptions of what they can achieve.

Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location, Redfern, Sydney
jess senior
18/12/2011 04:17:22 pm

Woo I'm very proud of my mother :) <3

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