What I’ve learned from this whole journey is that how wonderful it is to give and to help others, but at the same time to be open for others to help you. It’s an energy shot for the giver and the receiver. 

Kamilla van der Velde

When Kamilla was living in Romania, she was shocked to see a village devastated by the post-communist petrochemical industrial decline - children without shoes in winter, families unable to buy enough food, people without any hope of a future. She founded a charity that put indoor toilets into kindergartens, helped rebuild schools, created senior centers, and built a craft workshop for unemployed mothers to create handicraft products. With no previous experience in charity work, Kamilla used her marketing, sales and communication skills to get funding and promote the workshop abroad, and today, the workshop is a viable enterprise that employs nine full-time women and exports across the globe.

Photographer: Diane Macdonald
Location: Sydney
19/7/2011 06:24:38 am

I am privilage to know Kamilla and count her as my friend. She is such an amazing woman, always trying to help people and always with a smile on her face. .. I wish the world would have more amazing people like her...and everything would be so much easier...

24/1/2012 05:55:26 am

Kamilla , Berceni loves you and is proud to have you in Second Chance Family!You are an amazing person !

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